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NAS Bolts

NAS shear bolts have a distinctive thin style, dimpled hex head and short thread. To be used in only shear applications with no threads exposed in the shear plain. Because of this their grips are available in increments of 1/16th of an inch. Thread length is consistent within each diameter, the 1100/6200 series have a shorter thread that requires a shear type nut. The 1300/6600 series have a longer thread for selection convenience. Since the important dimension is the un-threaded grip, the dash numbers indicate the grip length in 1/16ths of an inch. It is possible to adjust the grip length with extra washers, including 1/32nd thin AN washers if desired. In all cases, a counter sunk (or chamfered) MS2002C washer must be used under the head to clear the under-head shank radius. These bolts are used in applications where a premium quality, high strength bolt is required.

The older 1100 and 1300 series is now being replaced with the improved 6200 and 6600 series. The newer series feature a fatter "J" thread and roller burnished head to shank radius, both greatly improving fatigue strength.

The Diameter is represented by a number e.g. 03 is 3/16", 04 is 1/4", 05 is 5/16" and 06 is 3/8".

NAS bolts are sized by grip length in 1/16" increments denoted also by a number e.g. -5 which is 5/16" of plain load bearing shank. (See the grip length charts page for overall length details).

Putting that together gives you the bolt you require e.g. 6603-7 has a standard thread length (66) is 3/16" in diameter (03) and has a grip length of 7/16" (-7).

Part number

K Nuts

Precision formed Hexagon nuts, also referred to as 6-point nuts, in wrenchable format and offer tremendous versatility for design and functional requirements. All of these Nuts are small, lightweight, self locking and have an extremely high tensile strength.

Nut specs

Washers MS

MS20002/MS20002C Washers
High strength, heat treated washers, made for use with NAS bolts, and come with and without a chamfer. The chamfer "C" version washer matches the radius under the bolt head. The "plain" (non-chamfered) MS 20002 washer is to be used under the nut.

MS specs

Washers AN

AN960/AN960L Washers
AN washers are available in 1/16" (regular) and 1/32 (light) thickness in a given diameter, finished in gold cad-plated steel.

AN specs

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